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fill out
complete a form or official document
sit back
deliberately take no action or remain passive about sth
rule out
stop considering sth as a possibility
move up
go to a better job, higher level etc
pick out (1)
choose sb/sth among a number of alternatives
pick out (2)
detect or be noticed among a group of things or people
take down (1)
remove sth that was previously put up or put in place
take down (2)
destroy, kill, or disable
take down (3)
write down information or a statement (obviously, not write down)
get on (1)
get on board some form of public transportation (train, bus, plane, lift)
get on (2)
continue doing something, especially with more effort or more quickly than before
get on (3)
used for asking or talking about how well someone has done a particular activity
give back
return sth
hand over (1)
give sth to sb by holding it in one’s hand and offering it to them
hand over (2)
surrender control or responsibility for sth/sb to sb else, esp. officially
sum up
give a summary of something