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stand out (1)
be much more impressive or important than other people or things
stand out (2)
be easily seen or noticeable
come along (1)
arrive or become available
come along (2)
go somewhere with sb
play out
develop or end in a particular way (not wind up or end up)
break out (1)
start suddenly, esp. sth undesirable and unpleasant
break out (of) (2)
escape from prison
go around (1)
go from one place/person to another; circulate
go around (2)
visit a person/place (not come around)
walk out
leave a place or event, especially suddenly or angrily
get through (to) (1)
make someone understand what you are trying to say
get through (2)
succeed in contacting sb on the telephone
get through (3)
overcome sth, esp. difficult or unpleasant
hold back (1)
stop sb from going somewhere or from reaching their full potential
hold back (2)
decide not to do or say something
hold back (3)
not show what you are thinking or feeling
write down
record information on paper
move back
return to a place one has lived in before (not go back or come back)