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start out
start a life, existence, profession, or course of action in a particular way or by doing a particular thing
call out
shout something, especially when you are trying to get someone’s attention
sit up
go from a lying position to a sitting position
turn down (1)
refuse or dismiss (request, offer, opportunity)
turn down (2)
reduce the amount of sound, heat, or light
back up (1)
back up (2)
make a copy of (a data file), esp for storage in another place as a security copy
put back (1)
put something in the place where it was before it was moved
put back (2)
change the time or date of an event so that it happens later than originally planned
send out (1)
send a lot of copies of the same document to a large number of people
send out (2)
send sb to a place for a particular purpose
get in (1)
go inside a place
get in (on) (2)
get involved in an exciting or profitable activity/opportunity
blow up (1)
explode or destroy (not go off or set off)
blow up (2)
happen suddenly (a storm, an argument)
carry on
continue to do sth (not go on or keep on)