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go on (1)
go on (2)
proceed, continue happening, continue doing (not carry on or keep on)
pick up
get or take sb/sth from a place
come back
return (not go back)
come up (1)
come near
come up (2)
be happening soon (esp on radio/tv)
go back
return (not come back)
find out
come out (1)
leave (a place) (not go off or go out)
come out (2)
become known or revealed after being kept secret
come out (3)
make public knowledge a privately held position
come out (4)
become available or released to the public
go out (1)
leave your house to go somewhere, esp to do sth enjoyable
go out (2)
to have a romantic relationship with someone
point out
direct attention towards sth
grow up
gradually advance in age and maturity