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Explain or make (something) clear by using examples, charts, pictures, etc
decrease over the period given
go down gradually
The same from my point of view
In a gradual way; slowly; by degrees
In a sufficiently great or important way as to be worthy of attention
To a small degree; not considerably
suddenly, quickly
An irregular rising and falling in number or amount
Taking everything into account
upward/downward trend
A general direction in which something is developing or changing
The number of
Number of is used with countable nouns, Don't use it to describe percentages or uncountable nouns
The figure for
Use "the figure for + plural noun",Use it with uncountable nouns,Use it with countries, Use it with percentages
The proportion of
Only use this to describe percentages (not numbers),Use "the proportion of + plural noun"
The amount of
use amount of with uncountable nouns,Don't use it with countable nouns
in terms of
the same meaning with phrase " with regard to sth"
In a way that is easily seen or noticed; clearly:
to examine people or things to see how they are similar and how they are different
as compared to something/somebody else
in comparison (with somebody/something)
when compared with somebody/something
compare with/to somebody/something
to be similar to somebody/something else, either better or worse
By comparison
used especially at the beginning of a sentence when the next thing that is mentioned is compared with something in the previous sentence
there’s no comparison
used to emphasize the difference between two people or things that are being compared