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Relating to the structure of populations. Can use with these nouns: change, data, shift, trend
Sympathetic and kind
aging population
the process of growing old of the citizens
officially leave the jobs due to the aging
less-than-desirable (thing)
the thing that you don’t really want to have it.
twilight years
the last years before death
retirement allowance
voluntary help
the support from other peoples without payback
be easy to recognise
some thing that can be define immediately
have a serious impact on sth
influence st seriously
rely on s.th
depend on s.th/ lean on
fill the gap
to serve temporarily.
put huge pressure on
to make demands on someone; to try to get someone to do something.
pay for s.th
to make payment (of) for/to suffer or be punished, as for a mistake, wrong decision
not to mention s.th
In addition to; as well as; let alone