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در شکسته شد
The door was broken
یک بسته دیروز پیدا شد
a parcel was found yesterday
روزنامه دیروز خوانده شد
The newspaper was read yesterday
نهار ما در کافه تریا خورده شد
Our lunches were eaten in the cafeteria
تنیس جمعه گدشته برگزار شد
Tennis was played last Friday
پروژه اش به سختی انجام شد
The project was worked on very hard
تمرینش تمام شد
Her exercises were done
سیب خورده شد
The apple was eaten
گربه توسط سگ دنبال شد
The cat was chased by the dog
اين خانه در سال 1960 ساخته شد
This house was built in 1960
اين نقاشي توسط يک نقاش بزرگ کشيده شده
This picture was painted by a great painter
اين خانه توسط پدرم ساخته شد
This house was built by my father