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Relational database
a database that contains multiple tables related through common fields
Common field
a field, contained in two or more tables, that forms a relationship between the tables
a connection between two or more tables based on a common field
Directory search
search engine displays a list of categories and subcategories that you can browse to find
Keyword search
you enter keywords in a search engine to query an index
One-to-one relationship
each record in Table A can have only one matching record in Table B
One-to-many relationship
a record in Table A can have many matching records in Table B, but a record in
Many-to-many relationship
one record in either Table A or B can relate to many matching records in the other
Primary key
a field containing a value that uniquely identifies each record in a table
Foreign key
a field in a related table that refers to the primary key in another table
Structured Query Language (SQL)
the standard interactive and programming language for accessing information from
Information portal
only finds Web sites based on manual submissions
Popular resource
generally bases information on secondary resources.
Scholarly resource
bases its research on primary resources.
Encyclopedias and reference material that list additional titles.