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Off-page Factors
such things as click-through measurement and linking
Click-through Measurement
the frequency in which users select to click a web link to sites from those
Web Search query
a query that a user enters into a web search engine to satisfy his or her information needs.
used to allow information to be found as quickly as possible
What is one of the first things algorithms check for?
relevancy; where are the keywords placed, how often do
When should you use a phrase search?
Only for proper names and common or standard phrases
How do search engines make money?
Through posting ads along side their reults
What are search engines used for?
used to help display and organize information in a way which makes it
What do search engines provide?
the URL, reviews, price comparisons, and product malfunctions
What does indexing rely heavily on?
keywords in web pages, and meta tags which provide information
Where can you look for information on sites that you've probably already been to?
newspapers, magazines,
an organized collection of information that pertains to a particular subject or purpose
a collection of data about a specific topic, organized into columns and rows
a category of information in a table (a column)
a collection of information consisting of one or more related fields about a specific entity (a row)