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MetaCrawler is a metasearch engine that blends the top web search results from Google, Yahoo!,
Key Words
Words that help you improve your internet search and reduce the number of results
Used to search for two or more words as an exact phrase, further reducing the number of results
Advanced Search
Allows additional search options and exclusions to be applied, refining the results that are
Boolean Operators
AND, OR, and NOT used in search strings to refine the scope of the search
Google, Bing & Yahoo
Three search engines on the Internet
How search engines work
Programs spend 24/7 sufing the web
-gets to a website and catalogues and adds it to Google's database
2009 click through traffic
Google 78.43%
The first posting in the search results receives
-42.25% of all click through traffic
-the next ten results 10-20
receive 4.37% of traffic
-3rd page
visitors vs. hit counter
visitors- the number people who visit the site regardless of how many times they
Web Crawling
a process of systematically going from web page to web page via the web links on what page to seek
Search Engine Algorithm
a set of rules, or unique formula, that a search engine uses to determine the significance