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Images, useful links, and diagrams
Reduce bounce rate
First 100-150 words
Where keywords should be placed in your article
At Least 1500 Words
Suggested length of website article
This tag is located in the <head> section of a web page. You have two pages same or similar
301 Redirects
Used to direct users and search engines to the correct page when there are duplicate pages. Should
Use the meta robots tag with nofollow and noindex attributes
Keep a duplicate page from being indexed by a
Web Page or Page
Examples are Home, About Us, Contact Us
Algorithm that give makes local search results relevant and accurate.
software that allows you to see the world wide web
every web address starts with this
the 3-letter extension for a non-profit organization, such as a school or church
the 3-letter extension for a college or university
the 3-letter extension for an organization such as CIA or the White House
the 3-letter extension for a commercial organization
an example of a search engine; also a type of yell