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An address or URL of a particular post or page within a blog or website.
Outbound link
A link that leads people to a different website from the one they are visiting.
Headline Tag
Bounce Rate
Percentage of users who visit a web site but immediately leave it.
Internal Links
Links to Web pages within the same Web site.
Dwell Time
The time a user lingers at a certain step of a task, such as the time that a user holds the
Search engine optimization
A systematic process of ensuring that a business reached the the top of SERP for
Examples of On page optimization
H1, Keyword in title tag, Keyword in bold, alt attribute of image, etc.
Targets sites that attempt to buy or obtain link for the sole purpose of improving Google rankings
Google's search algorithm. When a user enters a search term, Google references relevant website
Links in frames or I-frames
Crawlable, but present structural issues for search engines unless your are
Links in flash, java, or other plug-ins
No spider can reach , rendering invisibility to the engines
Tells the engines whether links on the page should be crawled
What is keyword stuffing?
Web page is loaded with keywords