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editorial links
A term for links that dynamically come and go on top-level pages of a site depending on the
low-quality links
Search engines know very little about these domain.
Also known as a spider or robot. Software that automatically follows links on websites to index and
Once web site information is collected by the crawler documents are processed and added to search
Search engine functions
Transactional Queries
Page content that is high quality, relevant content that matches users search queries. To a search
After the search finds the relevant pages, it has to narrow down and prioritize the results
Popularity and importance is determined by quantity and quality of the phrases within and of the
Negative Page Level
1. links pointing to the page from sites hosting malware.
Indexing problems
Online forms, Blocked in the code, Poor link structures, and Non-text Content
Alt attributes
The HTML tags describing an image that appears when the mouse is rolled over the image on a Web
Tells search engines not to follow links on s page or not to follow a specific link."
Meta Robots
Allow website developers to decide whether they want the webpage to be indexed, archived, or
It is a movie format that can be controlled through the scripting language ActionScript
A high-level programming language used to create applications for Web sites.