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301 redirect
A message that the URL has moved permanently. This is commonly used when a URL has a new location
A marketing function that identifies products and their source and differentiates them from all
Web Content
The text, pictures, videos and other components that are on a web page or post.
Content Management System
Info system that is a combination of databases, software, and procedures that
Software based searching tools that "crawl" the Internet constantly and add new sites and updates
A reference in a destination document to another object (such as a another webpage).
Link Farms
Groups of web sites that link to one another
Organic Traffic
Traffic that comes to a site by way of an unpaid listing in a search engine or directory.
Page Rank
Numerical score that tells search engine how 'good' page is compared to others
Related Content
Shines a spotlight on relevant content from across your site and decreases bounce rates. Could be
A short description of a web page that can include page title, URL, and meta description.
Web Page
A single electronic document on the Internet. Typically, web pages are encoded in HTML and are
Keyword Phrase
Two or more keywords relating to a specific topic that a user might type into a search engine.
World Wide Web
A system for finding information on the Internet through the use of linked documents.
Also called hyperlink; takes to the webpage or website where additional information on what you're