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internet marketing ninjas
shows you anything you might have missed
side by side comparison tool
part of internet marketing ninjas,
search engine comparison tool
compares your results on google, bing, etc.
search combination tool
helps you figure out keyword search tools
seo gurus
rand fishkin (white board fridays, vidoes), matt cuts, ann smarty, aaron wall (firefox extentions)
consume content for...
to solve problems
killer content development
who cares?
indexing updates
changes in indexing algorithms aimed at providing optimal search results for users
panda update
downgrade sites that provided poor user experience
page layout update
downgrade sites that had little content
penguin update
downgrade sites that violated google's webmaster guidlines
Google Webmaster Guidelines
clear heirarchy and text links
10 common black hat prac
automatically generated content
what you want for good SEO
good URL
writing compelling content
strive for usefulness