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composite profile of typical target users
developing SEO strategy
who are your target users
who are your target users
brainstorm list of prospective users, main and sub groups, influencers v consumers
pain: needs, fears, gaps, threats, challenges
empathy phase 1
person, understand target users (internet persona)
empathy map phase 2
what the person does on the internet (topics, videos, searches) get 3-5 secondary
keyword selection
think like user, find low hanging fruit than advance to competitive, think about keyword
match type
left side of google
broad match
the sum of the search volumes for the keyword related grammatical forms, synonyms and related
the search volume and the specific keyword and close variants
the sum of search volume that include the whole phrase or near variants of the whole phrase
Boston matrix
high and low growth, high and low performance
content processer
1. selected keywords and phrases
rank checker
firefox plugin, shows you were you rank on google search