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the Python interpreter...
...acts as a simple caculator
+, -, * and /
Expression syntax is straightforward: the operators _______ work just like in most other languages
The type of the object, such as integer or string.
The integer numbers (e.g. 2, 4, 20) have type _______
a number with a decimal point such as 1.0 or 3.1 has type _______
Floating Point Numbers
Numbers with fractions or decimal Points like 3.5, 42.1, & 5.0 (In Python) are called _______
... a float
Division (/) always returns ...
Floor Division
The operation that divides two numbers and chops off the fraction part.
// operator
To do floor division and get an integer result (discarding any fractional result) you can use the _______
% operator
to calculate the remainder you can use the _______
** operator
With Python, it is possible to use the _______ to calculate powers
The equal sign (=)
_______ is used to assign a value to a variable
If a variable is not “defined”, ...
...trying to use it will give you an error
A symbol or name that stands for a value
variable naming rules are these:
-> Variable names MUST start with a letter.
variable _
In interactive mode, the last printed expression is assigned to the _______