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[Quiz] Assigning Values

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No, python is case sensitive.
In python does This_name = this_name = THIS_NAME?
Entirely in uppercase
how are constant variables conventionally written?
True, False, None.
Which keywords start with an uppercase letter?
counting loop iterations
what is i used for?
int, float, string
what are the three basic datatypes?
Parses any given value into an int type value.
Converts any given value into a float type value.
What is the data type for the following "false"?
how do you convert datatypes?
with built-in functions. int(variable), float(variable), str(variable)
input() function
reads text from the console and returns a string. input(message_to_display).
defines a string with which to separate each argument
end =
defines a string with which to end the printed line.
logic error such as a mathematical error
a __ error does not prevent the program from running, but causes it to produce incorrect results
integer division
//. Divides one number by another and gives the result as an integer.