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[Quiz] Basic Syntax

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What does it mean when it is said that python is strongly typed?
The language restricts how many different types can interact. Every change of type requires an explicit conversion.
values stored by variables have types while the variable itself does not.
What does it mean when it is said that python is a dynamic language?
what is the difference between keywords and reserved words?
Keywords are a type of reserved words that serve a specific purpose in the context of the language, while reserved words are specific strings of characters the are reserved for use by the language
can a reserve word be a keyword?
it can, but it doesn't have to be.
yes, it has to be
can a keyword be a reserved word?
what is a variable?
A variable is a storage location in the computer's memory; used for holding information while the program is running.
what are the rules of variable naming?
A variable name cannot be a reserved word, it cannot contain space, it must start with a letter, and it may contain letters in numbers.