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A Java programming language keyword used at the beginning of a source file that can specify classes or entire packages to be referred to later without including their package names in the reference.
Available within all objects of the current class
What is the scope of a class variable or static field?
Available only within the current object
What is the scope of an instance variable or non-static field?
fields, method, constructors, nested enumerations, and inner classes
Which five elements can be included in a class body?
java CommandLineClass arg1,arg2
What is a namespace containing an organized set of related classes and interfaces?
Which three packages are imported automatically by the compiler?
the current package, the java.lang package, and the package with no name
Temporary only within the current code block
What is the scope of local variables?
And object stores it states in _______.
Ends execution of a method and possibly returns a value to the calling code.