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All Java methods must be contained in a ...
Should have a descriptive noun-based name that follows the UpperCamelCase naming convention
instance of a class. A software bundle of related variables and methods used to model real world objects. It has 2 defining characteristics - STATE and BEHAVIOR. State is stored as variables and behavior is represented using methods
Should have a descriptive noun-based name that follows the lowerCamelCase naming convention (robotKarelSits)
Used to instantiate (create) an object of that class
Often follows the keyword 'new' when called upon to instantiate an object
A software object's behavior is exposed through a
Should have a descriptive verb-based name that follows the lowerCamelCase naming convention
Keyword or Reserved word
Called reserved because the use is reserved for the built-in purpose
Keyword or Reserved word*
May not be used as a variable name
Variable (Java for Students)
A variable is a kind of storage box used to remember values so that they can be used or altered later in a method
local variable
A variable known only within a method or a small program structure, such as loop structure or conditional structure
Scope of a variable
The region of code where the variable can be used
Syntax Error
Statement containing misuse of the programming language
Lexical Error
Occurs whenever a program contains a word that is NOT in its vocabulary, such as: an undefined object name, a method name, a class name, a local variable, or an instance variable
Runtime or execution Error
Occurs whenever an object, such as a robot, is unable to execute an instruction successfully, and the program is forced to terminate
Intent Error
Occurs whenever the program successfully terminates (no execution error) but does not successfully complete its task