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[Quiz] Networking

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ethernet addresses are preassigned to
pieces of ethernet controller hardware
packet switched
modern computer networks are
what is a packet
one chunk of a message
what's in a packet
who sent it, who it is to, plus the data
what are some advantages of using packets
multiple messages going on at once, error checking
what specifies how computers communicate with each other
the protocol eg HTTP (web client and server) IEEE 802.3 (electrical signals on wire)
what concept is used to handle the underlying network implementation
each layer in theory communicates only
with the layer above and below it
what is the 7 layer model
OSI, more general, good for non TCP/IP but more complex
only TCP/IP
what networks do Java network classes work in
App or transport
what layers do Java network classes use
how is the transport layer nice to the app layer
ensures data is whole and in the order they were sent by asking the IP layer
which IP protocols have error checking
which IP protocols allow re-tx to guarantee the right delivery order
reliable, high overhead
TCP is [ ] and high [ ]
what does the application layer decide
what do do with the arrived data
what are some app layer protocols
steps to read data from a socket (3)
(1)make socket connection (Socket cs = new Socket("", 5000))(2)Make an InputStreamReader chained to socket's low-level input stream (ISR s = new ISR(cs.getInputStream())(3)make buffered reader and read (BR b = new BR(s); String message = b.readLine())
steps to write data to a socket
(1)Make socket connection (Socket cs = new Socket("", 5000))(2)make PrintWriter chained to socket's low-level output stream (PrintWriter p = new PrintWriter(cs.getOutputStream())(3)write (p.println("message"))
can you read from InputStream
no it's an abstract class
how do you read an InputStream type
make the derived object, make a reader, (optional then a buffered reader)
chains of readers, filters etc int to unicode
how does java make conversions, formatting, filtering etc easy
how does Java write an unsigned byte
there's no unsigned byte so ints are used LSB
no, sometimes code will handle this differently
is it safe to assume a larger int will just use the LSB for unsigned bytes
Computer Network
A collection of computing devices connected so that they can communicate and share resources
A network connection made without physical wires
Node (host)
Any address-able device attached to a network
Data Transfer Rate (bandwidth)
The speed with which data is moved from one place to another on a network
Client/server model
A distributed approach in which a client makes requests of a server and the server responds
Web server
A computer dedicated to responding to requests for Web pages
Ring Topology
A LAN configuring in which all nodes are connected in a closed loop
Star Topology
A LAN configuration in which a central node controls all message traffic
Bus Topology
A LAN configuration in which all nodes share a common line
The industry standard for local-area networks, based on a bus topology
A node that handles communication between its LAN and other networks
Metropolitan-Area Network (MAN)
A network infrastructure developed for a large city
Phone Modem
A device that converts computer data into an analog signal and back again
Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
An Internet connection made using a digital signal on regular phone lines
Cable Modem
A device that allows computer network communication using the cable TV hookup in a home
Network technologies that generally provide data transfer speeds greater than 128 Kbps
Receiving data on your home computer from the Internet
Sending data on your home computer to a destination on the Internet
A unit of data sent across a network
Packet Switching
The approach to network communication in which packets are individually routed to their destination, then reassembled
A network device that directs a packet between networks towards its final destination
A network device that strengthens and propagates a signal along a long communication line
Propriety System
A system that uses technologies kept private by a particular commercial vendor
The ability of software and hardware on multiple machines and from multiple commercial vendors to communicate
Open System
A system that is based on a common model of network architecture and an accompanying suite of protocols
Open System Interconnection (OSI) Reference Model
A seven-layer logical breakdown of network interaction to facilitate communication standards
Protocol Stack
Layers of protocols that build and rely on each other
User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
An alternative to TCP that achieves higher transmission speeds at the cost of reliability
A program that shows the route a packet takes across the Internet
A numeric designation corresponding to a particular high-level protocol
MIME type
A standard for defining the format of files that are included as email attachments or on websites
A gateway machine and its software that protects a network by filtering the traffic it allows
Access Control Policy
A set of rules established by an organization that specify which types of network communication are permitted and denied
A name made up of words separated by dots that uniquely identifies a computer on the Internet; each hostname corresponds to a particular IP address
The international organization that approves top-level domain names
Domain Squatting
Purchasing a domain name with the sole intent of selling it at a high price to a person or organization that actually wants to use it
Domain Name System
A distributed system for managing hostname resolution
Domain Name Server
A computer that attempts to translate a hostname into an IP address
Cloud Computing
A service that provides storage space and other resources on the Internet
How does store-and-forward, packet-switched technology work? What are its advantages?
Packets hop between different nodes to get to their destinations, advantages: allows messages to be broken up and quickly sent through the network, robust because the failure of one node or link does not necessa…
What are common protocols in the application layer?
What are common protocols in the transport layer?
What are common protocols in the network layer?
PPP, Ethernet
What are common protocols in the data link layer?
DSL, Cable, 4G
What are common protocols in the physical layer?
How does Ethernet protocol deal with collisions? In what layer of the protocol stack do collisions occur?
Both nodes will wait a random amount of time and then retransmit their messages. The node that does this earlier will get to use the line.
Outline the steps of the ARQ algorithm.
(1) A sends a packet to B.
What does a simple computer network consist of?
Two or more computers connect together through sharing a communication line
Is Java case sensitive?
What are the pros and cons for a simple computer network ?
through a simple computer network, it is much easier to connect computer. Also less expensive. However, shared lines have delays. Computers can't use the line at same time. It must wait while someone else is using it
What are the pros and cons for the point to point connections network?
Faster and you don't have to worry abut delays too much. But, every computer has to be connected to each other. every time a new computer is added, a new wire will have t…
What is one way to improve network delays?
Dividing large messages into smaller pieces called packets
What are LANs used for? WANs?
LANs are used to connect small number of computers. WANs are used to connect two or more LANs
Difference between the two?
Ip software defines how information is formatted and transferred. TCP handles problems when they arrive such as lost information due to too much information arriving.
What are the two parts to an Internet Address
First part is the local name of a specific computer. Second part is the domain name.
Edu: educational organization
Examples of top-level domain name ?
HTML (HyperText Markup Language)
What is the format that many of the Web documents are made of?