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Computer equipment
set of written instructions that tells the computer what to do
computer system
consists of hardware and software that work together to help us solve problems
input/output (I/O) devices
allow a person to interact with the computer, such as keyboard, mouse, and monitor
user interface
allows the user to interact with the machine
just about any software other than the operating system, such as word processors or database managers
graphical user interface (GUI)
uses graphical screen elements
small images that represent computer resources, such as a file (graphical screen element)
pull-down menus
gives the user a list of options (graphical screen element)
scroll bars
let the user move up and down in a window (graphical screen element)
point-and-click interfaces
another name for GUIs because the mouse is the primary input device used
this information is continuous
this kind of technology breaks information into pieces and shows those pieces as numbers
sampling rate
the number of measurements per second
what we call analog information that is converted to a digital format by breaking it into pieces
number with decimals
type of search involving "divide and conquer"; target value always compared with middle element of remaining search range
NULL, 1 or 0
base value
this of a number system tells us how many digits we have to work with and what is the place value of each digit in a number