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Operating Systems Technology Applications

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A numbering system characterized by 1s and 0s.
bits in a byte
If you're buying a new computer or are upgrading to a newer version of Windows, you can choose from several different editions of Windows, such as
An operating system allows you to __________ with the computer
Central Processing Unit (CPU), Memory, and Storage
There are many different computer programs running at the same time, and they all need to access your computer's
graphical user interface
Modern operating systems use a
command-line interface
a user uses the keyboard to enter data and instructions
According to StatCounter Global Stats, Mac OS X users account for__________ of the operating systems market as of September 2014
Boot Camp software
A significant development occurred in 2006, when Apple announced the release of its __________ , which allows users to install Windows on their Intel-based Macs
A version of the MAC OS line includes
The unique designs of Steve Jobs that resulted from his obsession have given Mac products the __________ image that they enjoy today
If you just need a computer to perform basic functions like Web surfing or word processing you should buy a
__________ has chosen to build its line around higher-end computers with better -- and more costly -- components.
An example of a windows based computer brand is
In a 6-stage dual-pipelined processor, how many clock cycles are required to execute 5 instructions? (Assume that stage 4 requires two clock cycles, and that stage 4 has two pipelines.)
Apple can be found in how many states?
security, usability and design
When it comes to debating PC vs MAC ,Mac users will bring up concepts like
price, software compatibility and choice
When it comes to debating PC vs MAC, PCc users will bring up concepts like
a collection of computer programs that tell the computer how to perform a particular task
A __________ is a program advertised as performing one activity but actually does something else.
Apple Security Center
A window claiming to be the __________ pops up and indicates that it has found viruses on the computer. It then prompts the user to download Mac Protector, a cleverly disguised piece of software inte…
A widely-used operating system that became popular with the rise of the IBM PC and various clones
MAC os __________ runs on all new MACs
icons, buttons, and menus
A GUI lets you use your mouse to click __________