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Data Manipulation Language

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What does DDL stand for?
DDL stands for Data Definition Language
What does DML stand for?
DML stands for Data Manipulation Language
What does DCL stand for?
DCL stands for Data Control Language
What syntax does DDL/DML have?
DDL/DML has a syntax called CREATE
How do you change a table?
Use the ALTER TABLE command to change a table
How do you get rid of a table?
Use the DROP command to get rid of a table
How do you insert data in a table?
Use the INSERT command to insert data in a table
How do you delete data in a table?
Use the DELETE command to delete data in a table
How do you update data in a table?
Use the UPDATE command to change data in a table
How do you delete a table?
Use the DROP command to delete a table
How do you retrieve information from a table?
Use the SELECT command to reetrieve information from a table
You use:
What commands do you use for DCL Data Control Language?
What is a role?
A role is a group of people with special permissions
What is a user?
A user is an individual with permissions
What is a login?
A login gives you access to the server
What does NOT NULL mean?
NOT NULL means it is required
What does NULL mean?
NULL means it is not required
There is:
What type of SQL data types are there?
How many bytes does an integer have?
An integer has 8 bytes and can store +/- 2 billion characters
What is precision and scale with exact numbers?
Precision is how many digits are in the largest number. Precision cannot be larger than 38.
What are integers commonly used for?
Integers are commonly used for primary keys.
How many money data types are there?
There is smallmoney and money data types.
Why choose a money data type?
It tells SQL server more about the domain and what is intended for the value
Small money/4 bytes/ +/- 214K
How many bytes does smallmoney and money have?
When do you use a character data type?
You use a character when the length of the data entered is consistent
Fixed length and variable length
What's the names of the two character data types?
How are strings shown with character data types?
All strings are single quoted for example dog is shown as 'dog' or 'cat'
When are fixed length character data types used?
Fixed length characters are used if the length is consistent.
How do you specify fixed length characters in a create table statement?
You use char with the value or number in brackets for example char(n)
You use varchar(n)
How do you specify a variable length character in a create table statement?
How do you choose between variable and fixed?
The trade off is disk space vs access speed
Varchar may save disk space
Why is varchar better than char?
Char is faster accessing columns
Why is char better than varchar?
When should you use char and varchar?
You should use char when the length of the data entered is very consistent
When should you use varchar(max)?
Use varchar (max) when the length varies and the max length is greater than 8000 characters
What are the datatypes for date and time data?
ISO 8601 Format is:
What is ISO 8601 Format