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Digital Media - Data Manipulation & Issues

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editing or altering
altering the physical size of an image
removing unwanted parts from the side of an image
creating three-dimensional scenes from digital computer models
special effects
used to alter parts or all of an image to give unusual or unreal views or to make some feature stand out
separating the parts of the data that you want to keep from those parts that you do not want to keep
audio sampling
the process used to create digital audio data from real sounds
time codes
used with video data to mark the start and end of each video segment
gradually changing one object into another object
gradually changing the position of one object into another position
intellectual property
anything produced by the creative process of the human mind
protecting the embodiment of an idea
software piracy
illegal copying or distribution of software
equal employment opportunity
legislation to ensure that workplaces are free from all forms of discrimination and harassment
workplace health and safety
legislation to protect the health, safety and welfare of everyone in a workplace
licence agreement
a legal contract that details the terms and conditions under which a piece of software may be used.
data security
protection of data against accidental and deliberate damage
A computer __________ is malicious computer code that reproduces itself on the same computer.
a program that copies itself repeatedly, for example in memory or on a network, using up resources and possibly shutting down the computer or network.
rules of behavior that govern a group or society.
code of conduct
details the responsibilities of an organisation, its members or employees
code of practice
describes the acceptable standard of work performed by an employee
privacy policy
explains how an organisation will use and protect personal information that they have collected
white hat hackers
use their technical skills to assist authorities to track down computer criminals
black hat hackers
use their technical skills to break into computer systems, without the owner's permission, to steal information or cause damage
grey hat hackers
use their technical skills to break into computer systems and leave messages to tell the owners that they have security leaks
'Credit card statements must have the correct rate of interest applied to the balance otherwise customers will complain and the card company could be prosecuted'.
relates to whether data lies within an acceptable range and data type
relates to whether selected data is representative of the entire set