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Introduction to Computers

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Digital Literacy
Having a current knowledge and understanding of computers and their uses.
A programmable machine designed to carry out a sequence of arithmetic or logical operations
All of the physical devices that collectively constitute the item we think of as a desktop or a laptop computer
a collection of computer programs that tell the computer how to perform a particular task
Hard Drive
A place to store stuff you want to keep - non-volatile
A form of Volatile Memory - A random-access device allows stored data to be accessed directly in any random order.
acronym for central processing unit, where all the PCs calculations take place
Information Processing Cycle
Computers convert data into information. The four basic operations of a computer.
A process in which computers share information with other computers.
...A collection of raw data from the outside world that is put into the computer
...Manipulating data; exaples: bold, italicize, underline, enter formulas, edit pictures, etc.
...The results of processed data; examples: a printed paper, a presentation, audio, video, etc.
...The place where data is held when it is not needed for processing
Network Interface Card
input devices
allow users to put information INTO the computer. Examples include the keyboard, mouse, scanner, microphone, joystick and camera.
output devices
allow users to get information OUT of the computer. Examples include the monitor, printer, and speakers.
First large scale electronic calculating machine. Initially used to calculate ballistics
A personal computer that rests on a desks. It is not portable.
A personal and portable computer designed to fit in your lap.
A personal and portable computer that has a touch screen.
a device that combines the functionality of a cell phone, a PMP, and a PDA into one unit.
A dedicated computer that shares resources with other computers in a network.
Computer Systems
Are made up of hardware, software and the user.
Mobile Devices
Smartphones, tablets, and notebooks (laptops).
Business __________ theft involves stealing proprietary business INFORMATION such as research for a new drug or a list of customers that competitors are eager to acquire.
Data converted into a meaningful and useful context
Scientific study of work and space, including factors that influence worker productivity and that affect workers' health
Digital Citizenship
Includes taking responsibility for your role in cyberspace and engaging in positive and ethical decision-making to stay safe online.
digital native
People who were born after the invention of digital technology and have grown up using it.
Digital Media
Electronic media. Includes websites, computer software, e-books, and MP3 files.
A type of website (most often maintained by an individual) with a log of comments (most often personal), meaning and descriptions of events etc.
An entry written and published to a blog.
__________ ensures that the individual is who they claim to be (the authentic or genuine person) and not an imposter.
Acceptable Use Policy
Strong Passwords