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Decisions & Boolean Logic

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relational operator
a -- -- determines whether a specific relationship exists between two values
greater than
less than
greater than or equal to
less than or equal to
not equal
if statement, such as if(X > Y)
questions are often asked using an -- statement, where the question asked is "is X greater than Y"?
a diamond
the flowchart symbol used to indicate some condition is a --.
single alternative decision
an if statement is called a -- -- -- structure.
0 != 1
the if clause
for simplicity, we will refer to the first line of an if statement as: -- .
after the if clause, on the next line, is a block of --.
the condition is tested
when the if statement executes, the condition is --.
if the condition is true, the statements that appear in the block following the if clause are -- .
if the condition is false, the statements in the block are --
single quotation marks ( ex: name1 = 'Mary')
when strings are evaluated in a condition, -- -- marks are used.