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Kilo Mega Giga Tera Bits & Bytes

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A thousand bytes
Megabits in millions
A million bits
Megabytes in millions
A million bytes
Kilobyte address
Address approximately 10 bits long
Mb in thousands
A thousand thousand bits
MB address
Address approximately 20 bits long
Gb in thousands
A thousand million bits
GB in millions
A thousand million bytes
Gb in billions
A billion bits
Gigabyte address
Address approximately 30 bits long
1024 gigabytes=
Tb in millions
A million million bits
Terabyte in millions
A million million bytes
TB address
Address approximately 40 bits long
Tb in thousands
A thousand billion bits
TB in billions
A thousand billion bytes
Terabyte in trillions
A trillion bytes
Terabit in trillions
A trillion bits