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Von Neumann Model

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Memory, CPU(processing unit), Control unit
What are the basic components of the Von-Neumann model?
What is in the memory of the Von-Neumann model?
MAR (Memory address register) and MDR (Memory Data Register)
Load and store
What are the basic memory operations?
Basic information about the I/O on the Von-Neumann model (and the LC3)
This is the input/output devices that the computer might have. (The LC3-supports keyboard and monitor)
What does the Control Unit do?
1.Reads an instruction from memory,
Instruction Set Architecture (ISA)
A computer's instructions and their formats is known as its:
How many bits is an LC3 instruction?
Add offset to base register --result is memory address.
What is base + offset mode in the LDR instruction?
Instruction Processing: FETCH
Load next instruction (at address stored in PC) from memory, into instruction register.
Instruction Processing: DECODE
First identify the opcode (in the lc3 it is first four bits of instruction).
What are the steps in Instruction Processing?
Fetch, Decode, Evaluate address, Fetch Operands, Execute, Store Result
Instruction Processing: EVALUATE ADDRESS
For instructions that require memory access, compute address used for access.
Instruction Processing: FETCH OPERANDS
Obtain source operands needed to perform operation
Instruction Processing: EXECUTE
Perform the operation, using the source operands.
Instruction Processing: STORE RESULT
Write result to destination (register or memory)
Computational, data movement, and control instructions.
What are the three basic kinds of instructions?