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Object Oriented Programming in Java

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IS-A relationship example
Mustang IS A Horse, Subaru IS A Car, Subaru IS A Car IS A Vehicle, etc.
Does Java allow multiple inheritance?
No. C++ allows multiple inheritance but Java doesn't.
It should be same or less restrictive, but NOT MORE restrictive...
Overriding rules: Can the access level be more OR less restrictive than that of the overridden method?
Overloaded methods MUST change the arguments list
Overloading Rules: How do they differ from overriding rules?
Yes, of course.
Can main() be overloaded?
No. Compiler error. Compiler sees that the Animal class does not have an eat method that takes a string.
// i.e., can the implementation class be abstract?
Yes. As long as the first concrete class that implements Bounceable includes the implementation for bounce(), we are good.
// i.e., can a class implement multiple interfaces?
What are the characteristics of default constructor?
Default Constructor has the same access modifier as the class
Explain the 2 instances when the Initialization block runs?
Initialization block runs when the class is first loaded (a static init block runs JUST once) or when an instance is created (instance init block runs whenever an instance is creaed)
Can a static method be overridden?
abstract void honk(); //(5)
B and C are correct