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Information Systems Lifecycle

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Project Management Practices
the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques applied to a broad range of activities to achieve a stated objective such as meeting the defined user requirements and deadlines for an IS project.
Business Application Development begins as a result of what situations?
A new opportunity that relates to a new or existing business process
Define requirements definition
Concerned with identifying and specifying the business requirements of the system chosen for development during the feasibility study
Developing system flowcharts and entity relationship models
Describe activities that occur during the design stage
Coding and developing program and system-level documents
Describe activities that occur during the development stage
Describe activities that occur during the implementation stage
Actual operation of the new information system is established and tested
Total monetary amount
Example of batch controls:
Rejecting only transactions with errors
Input error handling can be processed by:
Define Output controls and give examples:
-provide assurance that the data delivered to users will be presented, formatted and delivered in a consistent and secure manner
Atomicity (complete)
What is the ACID principle?
What does Auditing Application Controls entail?
Identifying the significant application components and the flow of transactions through the system