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analogical reasoning
the process of determining the outcome of a problem by using analogies; it is a procedure for drawing conclusions about a problem by using past experience
case library
the knowledge base of a case-based reasoning system
case-based reasoning
a methodology in which knowledge and or inferences are derived from historical cases
a candidate solution for a genetic algorithm
the combination of parts of tow superior solutions by a genetic algorithm in an attempt to produce an even better solution
the process of creating a crisp solution form a fuzzy logic solution
explanation-based learning
a machine-learning approach that assumes that there is enough existing theory to rationalize why one instance is or is not a prototypical member of a class
a process that converts an accurate number into a fuzzy description, such as converting from an exact age into categories such as young and old
fuzzy logic
a logically consistent way of reasoning that can cope with uncertain or partial information; characteristic of human thinking and many expert systems
fuzzy set
a set theory approach in which set membership is less precise than having objects strictly in or out of the set
genetic algorithm
a software program that learns in an evolutionary manner, similar to the way biological systems evolve
inductive learning
a machine learning approach in which rules are inferred from facts or data
machine learning
the process by which a computer learns form experience using programs that can learn form historical cases
a genetic operator that causes a random change in a potential solution
natural language processing
using a natural language processor to interface with a computer-based system
ossified case
a case that has been analyzed and has no further value
paradigmatic case
a case that is unique that can be maintained to derive new knowledge for the future
the creation of new generations of improved solutions with the use of a genetic algorithm
speech understanding
an area of artificial intelligence research that attempts to allow computers to recognize words or phrases of human speech
a case with rich information and episodes; lessons may be derived form this kind of case in a case base
supervised learning
a method of training artificial neural networks in which sample cases are shown to the network as input, and the weights are adjusted to minimize the error in the outputs
unsupervised learning
a method of training artificial neural networks in which only input stimuli are shown to the network, which is self-organizing
voice portal
A Web site with an audio interface.
voice speech recognition
translation of human voice into individual words and sentences that are understandable by a computer