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Managing Information Systems in Business

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You are looking to buy a home that costs less than $700,000, but your real estate agent keeps sending you fliers for homes that cost $1,000,000 or more. This information is likely to be useless because it is __________.
Systems thinking
A manager will essentially require __________ skills to clearly understand how the resources that his or her company uses are converted to desired outputs
Business __________ theft involves stealing proprietary business INFORMATION such as research for a new drug or a list of customers that competitors are eager to acquire.
Determining which team members will do what task and when the tasks are to be completed is accomplished in the __________ project phase.
When working on your MIS 3100 class project, my expectations are that you and your group members work __________ with the goal of producing a high-quality deliverable.
defining the problem
The first and arguably the most important task for a problem-solving collaborative group is __________
iteration, feedback
The two key characteristics of collaboration are __________ and __________.
Component of an Entity Relationship Diagram.
__________ is the term used to describe non-relational databases that support very high transaction rates processing relatively simple data structures.
a method of viewing, changing, combining, or analyzing data.
A(n) __________ DBMS is designed to process large organizational and workgroup databases.
primary key
A field that uniquely identifies each record in a file.
__________ is the process of converting a poorly- structured table into two or more well-structured tables.
SQL Server
Which of the following selections is considered an enterprise database management system?
Brad, a project manager, wants to build a database to integrate information about employees and tasks that they handle. Brad wants to track information such as task name, percentage completed, and employee name. The subj…
foreign key
a primary key field from one table that you include as a field in a second table to form a relationship between the two tables
database design model
A database developer is likely to use a(n) __________ to serve as the blueprint for building a database. This tool describes the entities, attributes, and relationships among entities.
a single theme
Every table in a normalized database has __________
__________ is the standard language for inserting, updating, and deleting data in a database
It serves as a gateway to the Internet.
Which of the following is a function of an ISP?
It encrypts messages to ensure secure transmissions.
Which of the following is true about a VPN?
Cloud computing
__________ is internet-based computing in which large groups of remote servers are networked to allow sharing of data-processing tasks, centralized data storage, and online access to computer services or resources.
Messages are assembled into __________ and travel from source to destination with the help of routers.
IP Address
A(n) __________ is a number that identifies a particular device.
domain name
A __________ is a worldwide-unique name that is affiliated with a public IP address.
Port __________ is the entrance for packets from the Internet to a company's Web server.
the private cloud
In-house hosting, delivered via Web service standards that can be configured dynamically, is referred to as __________.
user, server, and database
What are the three tiers in three-tier architecture?
Compared to in-house hosting, cloud-based hosting ________.
minimizes the risk of investing in technology that will soon become obsolete
Port 25
organizations share the same physical hardware through virtualization
In cloud computing, resources are said to be "pooled" because __________.
A packet-switching protocol that is actually a set of related protocols that can guarantee packets are delivered in the correct oder and can handle differences in transmission and reception rates
A cloud vendor who provides hosted computers, an operating system, and a DBMS is offering which of the following services?
Port __________ is the port used for mail packets.
Ping of Death
A __________ is a type of attack on a computer that involves sending a malicious ping to a computer that could cause it to crash.
__________ is the cloud services model that provides consumers with not only hardware infrastructure, but also an operating system and application programs. Ultimately, the cloud vendor is responsible for running all of the consumers software.
Total Sales, Average Salary, and Total Hours Worked are examples of a __________ in an OLAP report, since they can serve as an item of interest to be analyzed by a knowledge worker.
A data __________ is a data collection, smaller than the data warehouse, that addresses a particular department or functional area of the business.
The first step in the business intelligence process is to __________ the data.
supervised data mining
data miners develop a model prior to the analysis and apply statistical techniques to data to estimate parameters of the model.
In marketing transactions, the fact that customers who buy product X also buy product Y creates a __________ opportunity. That is, "If they're buying X, sell them Y," or "If they're buying Y, sell them X."
Data __________ is the process of obtaining, cleaning, organizing, relating, and cataloging source data.
Market-basket Analysis
__________ is an unsupervised data mining technique used to determine sales patterns by showing the products customers tend to buy together.
cluster analysis
With __________, statistical techniques can identify groups of entities that have similar characteristics.
A report that sums the annual total sales for a company is considered to have __________ granularity, because it does not provide detail for all of the transactions that were included in the aggregated report.
Data Warehouse
A large data base with historical copies of data from each organisation's operational data base. They are typically static and read only - a snapshot of a database at one point in time.
purchasing patterns
RFM analysis is used to analyze and rank customers according to their __________.
Data Mining
__________ is the application of statistical techniques to find patterns and relationships among data for classification and prediction.
Business intelligence
__________ is created when data is processed to identify patterns, relationships, trends and predictions that are made available to those who need it.
Push Publishing
__________ is the process of delivering business intelligence to users without any request from the user as a result of a particular data condition.
<title> Kittens </title>
How would I make the word "Kittens" the title of my HTML page?
What is data?
Representations of facts (graphs, lists, etc.) that can be used to gain information
What is Information?
Knowledge derived from data
data ≠ information
What is the difference between information and data?
What is the difference between collaboration & cooperation?
COOPERATION: work independently, divide project into separate tasks, work without consulting group
Purpose and definition of a database
PURPOSE → keep track of things
Structure of the database
Collection of tables + relationships among the rows in those tables + special data (metadata)
Difference b/n raw data and metadata
Raw data: facts that make up data
a tool for constructing data models.
What is an Entity Relationship Data Model?
aspects of the Entity Relationship Diagram
ENTITIES → Something users want to track
relationships in Entity Relationship Diagram
N:M → department has MANY advisors, advisor may advise for MORE THAN ONE department
Max Cardinality/Minimum Cardinality
MAX CARDINALITY → max number of entities involved in relationship
Which statement best describes Scrum?
Scrum is a framework with built-in reality checks for complex work in uncertain domains.
When the time box expires
When is the Sprint execution completed?
Every Sprint
How often should the Backlog Refinement Meeting (a.k.a. Backlog Grooming) occur?
Inform the Product Owner so he/she can work with the CEO.
The CEO asks a team member to do some work outside of the goals of the current Sprint in progress. What should the team member do?
Test the product
Which of these activities is the Scrum Development Team expected to do during the first Sprint?
How is the Product Backlog arranged?
Most important items at the top to least important items at the bottom.
Selecting the Product Owner.
Which of the following is the Scrum Team not responsible?
15 minutes
What is the timebox for the Daily Scrum (standup) meeting?
7 plus or minus 2
What is the recommended size of a Scrum Team?
A report about what happened during the Sprint.
Which of the following should not happen in the Sprint Review Meeting?
During Sprint Execution, when are new Sprint Tasks added?
As soon as possible, unless they reflect a change in the scope of the Sprint goals.
Every time the code changes.
How frequently do experienced Agile software developers test?
business process
A __________ is a network of activities, repositories, roles, resources, and data flows that interact to accomplish a business function.
Gantt chart
A __________ shows the tasks, start and finish dates, and dependencies for the tasks of a project.
An as-is model ________.
documents the current situation of a business process
the systems development life cycle
The traditional technique for developing information systems is __________.
With __________ installation, the organization implements the entire system/business processes on a limited portion of the business.
cost, schedule, technical, and organizational feasibility
What are the four dimensions of feasibility?
include mostly ________.
business and systems analysts
A __________ involves balancing of three critical factors: requirements, cost, and time.
__________ include identifying what is to be produced, how frequently and how fast it is to be produced.
diseconomies of scale
The situation that occurs when adding more resources creates inefficiencies is known as __________.
Critical Path
Longest (slowest) path through a project's development, as determined by using a PERT chart.
work-breakdown structure
Project teams create a __________, which is a hierarchy of the tasks required to complete a project.
a collections of related tasks that receive inputs and produce outputs.
Repository, Inventory, and Database
Repository - a collection of something.
Business Process Managment
a cyclical process for systematically creating, assessing, and altering business processes.
Business Process Modeling Notation
Circle/Bold Circle → START/END
Private Cloud
Functions for 1 organization
Public Cloud
owned by cloud service provider
Hybrid Cloud
combination of Private and Public deployment models
Software as a Service (SaaS)
organization provides not only hardware infrastructure, but also an operating system and application programs as well.
Platform as a Structure (PaaS)
provide hosted computers, an operating system, possibly a DBMS.
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
cloud hosting of a bare server computer or data storage.
Virtual private network (VPN)
uses the web to create the appearance of private, secure connections
unsupervised data mining
analysts do not create a model or hypothesis before running the analysis
Unsupervised data analysis examples
cluster analysis, market basket analysis
regression analysis
supervised data mining examples