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Operating System & Applications

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What are Operating Systems?
A set of programs that lies between application software and the hardware; it is a fundamental software that controls access to all other hardware and software resources
What are three important points for an Operating System?
Establishing a user interface; managing the computer's resources (CPU, memory, disk drive, printer, etc.), executing and providing services for applications software
Gary Kindall
Who created the CP/M?
What is CP/M?
A simple system that could be used across a number of manufacturers
Bill Gates and Paul Allen
Which two people did IBM search for when looking for an Operating System for its new Personal Computer?
Had been instrumental in developing the "Basic" language for the Altair 8800
Why was IBM looking for Bill Gates and Paul Allen do for their new Personal Computer?
Kildall because he was good at working system in CP/M
Who did Bill Gates and Paul Allen direct IBM to and why?
What is QDOS?
Quick and Dirty Operating System; an already established Operating System in Seattle
IBM DOS for the new machine
What did Gates and Allen eventually produce?
What does DOS mean?
Disk Operating System (IBM)
What is DOS used for in the first "Business PC"?
A "command-line" interface which required that users learn a complicated computer language in which commands were typed in at a prompt to make use of the machine's functions
What is MSDOS?
First Microsoft Operating System
What was Bill Gates deal with IBM in reference to the MSDOS?
To distribute and license the system for other PC manufacture, start of Microsoft Gates and Allen went on to write another operating system that they hoped to sell to other computer manufacturers
Did IBM allow other manufactures to "clone" their machine?
Quickly became the operating system for almost every personal computers
Why did Gates and Allen hit the jackpot with the MSDOS?
Palo Alto (PARC)
What was the main research center for XEROX?
What did XEROX do at Palo Alto?
Often brought in young inventors and developers to see new systems and equipment
Steve Jobs
Co-founder of Apple and computer visionary credited with helping to design the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Also a founder of Next and Pixar
What did Steve Jobs recently do?
Produced the Apple computer with Steve Wozniak
What was the nickname for XEROX?
What was the nickname for Graphical User Interface (GUI)?
What is MacOS?
First Graphical User Interface (Macintosh)
What was the name before Macintosh?
GUI, pointing device, mouse
What did the MacOS use?
What did the MacOS produce?
A "User-friendly" machine whose operator did not need to learn a computer language
What was the first price of the MacOS?
Macintosh Arrives
What arrives in 1984?
What is Windows?
Graphical User Interface (Microsoft)
Own GUI with the advent of Windows
What was developed in Bill Gates version of Microsoft?
What does Windows "shell"?
Server software, internet
What is the UNIX/LINUX?
What does most of the computer systems that form the Internet run on?
What was developed by Linus Throvald?
LINUX (the public form of UNIX)
is free... used within home and small businsess.
Why has LINUX become the basis for?
A growing push to make operating systems and software safer, cheaper and more available
Their OS into a UNIX based form
What has Apple and Microsoft begin to morph?
What is kernal?
Program that manages the Operating System
What is spooling?
Information is written into a secondary memory area where it waits until it can be sent to an output device
File search, hierarchical file structure
What does a file manager enable?
What is the Device Drivers?
Software to control various input/output devices
What are Applications Software?
Software that users apply to real world tasks: sold a particular problem or complete a specific task
What are three applications software?
WordProcessing (Microsoft Word), Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel), Game (HALO)
Public Domain, Freeware, Shareware, Open-source
What are four ways for acquiring software?
What is a Public Domain?
Uncopyrighted, may be used or altered without restriction
What is a Freeware?
Copyrighted, the author retains legal ownership and may place restriction on its use
What is a Shareware?
User pays small fee to use, author retains copyright and legal ownership
What is an open-source?
Source Code is made available
What is copyright?
Exclusive right that prohibits copying of intellectual property without the permission of the copyright holder
Why is there copyright?
Protects the expression of an idea but not the idea itself
When is it not considered copyright?
70 years after death of holder
does De facto standard = open standard
Which country is the number 1 violator of intellectual property laws in the world?
What is Fait Use?
Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc. (1994)
What are Proprietary Software and Types of License?
Rights owned by individual or business, buy permission to use
What are two types of license?
Shrink-wrap (The Plastic), Single User (you)