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History of Computing

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the "computers" through which mathematical solutions emerged.
slide rule
A device that can perform complicated math by using sliding guides on a rulerlike device
Blaise Pascal designed
a mechanical calculator with gears and levers that performed addition and subtraction.
Gottfried Leibniz built on Pascal's work in 1694 by creating ....
the Leibniz Wheel, which added multiplication and division to the mechanical calculator's capabilities.
key in a problem's parameters and get a solution
Devices such as Pascal's and Leibniz's allowed a user to :
becoming widespread
cost and complexity kept Pascal's and Leibniz's devices from ...
Joseph Jacquard invented
a device attached to a loom, where a series of pins selected what threads would get woven into a fabric
program loop
The capability of a program to "loop back" and repeat commands
Ada Lovelace Byron
the first programmer
Babbage failed largely ... why
because of the difficulty in manufacturing the multiple complex and precise parts,
American Herman Hollerith
One person who did find adequate funding to develop a "computing" machine was