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History of Computers

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An instrument used to perform calculations by sliding rings or beads along rods inside a frame.
calculating machine
blaise pascal invented the first __________ in 1642
charles babbage made the first _____ in 1822
computer to solve logarithms and use punched cards to calculate votes
electronic computer
j.b tenisaw attempted the first __________ in 1937
Herman Hollerith
Developed a machine to calculate the census much faster than previous methods. His company became IBM
harvard and IBM in 1944
the mark 1 was built by who, when?
when were large computers used for the military to break codes and store data?
when did IBM start selling very expensive personal computers to companies?
intel in 1971
who invented the microprocessor chip and in what year?
apple in 1976
when and who invented the $600 dollar, DIY computer, the apple 1?
when did college students begin to have computers?
Analytical Engine
A proposed general-purpose, programmable and mechanical computing machine
the intergated circuit chip
jack kilby and robert noyce invented what?
Grace Hopper
Coined the term "computer bug" after finding a moth that had died in a computer causing problems with the computation. Developed the first compiler. One of the creators of COBOL, on of the first succes…
vacuum tubes were a component of which generation of computer?
the transistors were a component of which generation of computer?
the intergated circuit chip was a component of which generation?
what material is used to make the inergrated circuit chip?
store information and follow programs
the analytical engine was the first to __________