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Dealing with Criticisim

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comments or remarks about mistakes or what is wrong with something or someone; "A good manager knows how to deliver criticism to his employees without making them feel bad."
Room to improve
a need to get better at something; "Davis is a good engineer, but he has room to improve when it comes to presenting and writing."
To point something out
to tell someone something; "I like the design, but I'd just like to point out that the colors don't match those of our brand."
able to deal with people in a way that doesn't upset or anger them; "Our mediator was very diplomatic and managed to get the two sides talking constructively about the problems."
strict or serious; "If your methods of discipline are too harsh, you risk damaging employee morale and turning staff against you."
the quality of being true or logical; "To enhance the validity of your report, you should cite some recent research."
fair, or having good reason for something; "I don't think shutting down the plant is justified. It's not like it's operating at a loss."
many; "Our business plan lays out numerous opportunities for expanding our product line."© 2014 All rights reserved
To watch
if you "watch" something such as the way you speak or act, you are careful to do so in a way that doesn't upset anyone; "It's a good idea watch your manners and language …
possibly untrue, not reasonable, or dishonest; "Everyone's excited by the recent economic forecast but I think it's based on some pretty questionable evidence."
To pick up the pace
to do something faster; "If we're going to finish this project by May we're really going to have to pick up the pace, even if that means working overtime."
in a bad mood; "Why's Taylor so grumpy today? Is he still upset about not getting a bonus?"
To not play well with others
if we say a person "doesn't play well with others," we mean that he or she doesn't get along well or work well with other people; "I'm hoping we don't have Brian on our pro…
A second opinion
an opinion or assessment by a second person, which may support or go against the first opinion or assessment; "One field engineer said my design was feasible, but I think I'm going to g…
To embrace something
to accept and adopt something such as beliefs or methods completely; "We need every department to embrace this new drive to cut costs, or we won't see profits rise."
To swallow your pride
to accept or do something even though it is embarrassing or makes you feel weak; "I asked to work the Harris account on my own, but it was too tough and I had to swa…
To acknowledge
to accept and say that something is true or that it exists; "To be an effective manager, you must remember to acknowledge your employees successes, not just point out their weaknesses."
made to seem more of a certain quality than it really is; "The gloomy sales forecast turned out to be greatly exaggerated; the downturn wasn't so bad after all."
always arguing or complaining; "Jones is getting even more cantankerous as he gets older, and few people can stand to be around him."
To fall apart at the seams
to become totally ruined; "Our huge outdoor event fell apart at the seams because of poor planning and lousy weather."
Under scrutiny
when examined carefully; "Under scrutiny by our accountant, the books were shown to have several mistakes and inconsistencies."
To clear something up
to make things understood when there is confusion or misunderstanding; "We need a staff meeting to clear up all this confusion about changes to the pension plan."
To make excuses
to give reasons why you made mistakes; "Trevor, instead of just making excuses, why don't you try to fix the problem you created?"
To scapegoat
to blame someone else for your mistakes; "Listen, I don't want to scapegoat here, but I really think that Lorne is responsible for the server crashing."
Underlying problem
an "underlying problem" is an important and basic problem that may not be easy to notice but that causes other problems; "Our HR person says that the underlying problem with the staff is dissatisfaction with salaries."
An open mind
if you have an "open mind," you are willing to accept other people's ideas and ways; "In this fast-changing market, if you don't keep an open mind to new opportunities you will fail."
To keep your chin up
to keep feeling positive even in a difficult situation; "Keep your chin up Dave. I'm sure you'll find a new job soon."