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Agile Software Development

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Alterations made to a system after it has been formally handed over.
What is the Manifesto for Agile Software Development?
That is, while we find value in the items on the right we value the items on the left more.
What are the two distinct differences between Waterfall and Agile development?
This enables the business decision makers in an organisation to learn from the small releases they can make decisions based on change.
Comparing Methodologies
Change is inevitable and valuable, therefore encouraged and embraced
Comparing Methodologies Cont.
Highly iterative to achieve quality
Waterfall - Still planning
What is the Business value? (Money)
What is the Business value? (Money)
Waterfall - at the stage of development of infrastructure nothing really to deliver at this point.
been generating business value for some time.
What is the Business value? (Money)
Waterfall rollout and deployment has not been practised however
User Stories
Two Parts of the Agile Discussion - Processes and Methodologies
Test Driven Development
Two Parts of the Agile Discussion -Techniques and Practices
Hard to implement - A level of transparency and very hard to cover up bad practices and can be hard for organisations to get use to this
A placebo for those pesky developers - a new way
Most popular agile method
Extreme programming - 70%
Agile advantages
See results everyday
Agile disadvantages
Meet everyday
what is the Agile method
Don't provide maintenance, just replace
Agile manifesto
Individuals OVER processes and tools
3 Problems with agile
Difficult to keep interest of customers
Every 2 weeks
How often are increments delivered in agile?
Small frequent releases
5 principles to XP and agile
Test-first development
Extreme programming practices
Testing in XP
Test-first development(write tests before development)
XP testing difficulties
Tests are difficult to write
Pair programming advantages
Promotes better coding
General agile method
Outline phase
Three Scrum phases
Project backlog
List of work to be done
Sprint cycle length
2-4 weeks. Different than XP (2 weeks)
Scrum master
Facilitator who arranged meetings
Scrum benefits
Good team communication
Scaling agile methods
Scaling up - Working with larger projects