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Agile Methods

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Agile Method
A method that supports responding rapidly to changing requirements
Agile manifesto
Individuals OVER processes and tools
Welcome changing requirements
Principles behind Agile Manifesto
Cockburn's Principles
Formality, process and documentation are not substitutes for discipline, skill and understanding
Dedicated Developers
Six Sweet Spots
not very critical
Does Agile Fit Your Needs
Product Owner
Same as other part
Product Backlog
List of requirements for the product being developed. Each item has a description, a priority and an estimate
Scrum master
Facilitator who arranged meetings
Scrum Development Team
has autonomy regarding how to approach work
A development iteration of a month or less in duration. Only Product Owner has the authority to cancel the Sprint
Sprint Planning Meeting
4+4 hours time boxed: determine what will be done and how to do the sprint
Division of Concerns
Scope and Importance are set by the Product Owner
Epics and Themes
Large user stories are called epics. Epics are often themes
Tech stories
Stuff that needs to be done but not deliverable. Try to avoid tech stories (waste of time)
Planning Poker
Simultaneous estimation by facing card
Daily Scrum Meeting
15-minute time boxed meeting to inspect progress
Sprint Review Meeting
4-hour time-boxed meeting that is held at the end of a Sprint. The team demonstrates and discusses the Sprint
Sprint Retrospective
3-hour meeting to discuss what went well in the last sprint and what can be improved
No Silver Bullet
Scrum will not solve your problems, Scrum will make your problems visible. You will have to solve your problems
XP Programming - Essentials
XP improves a software project in four essential ways: communication, simplicity, feedback and courage
Rapid feedback
Basic Principles of XP
Barriers to the Success of Agile
Projects that are too big, culture that values order, big specification, wrong physical environment, less feedback