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Basic Terms, Operating System & Application Softwa

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...A collection of raw data from the outside world that is put into the computer
...Manipulating data; exaples: bold, italicize, underline, enter formulas, edit pictures, etc.
...The results of processed data; examples: a printed paper, a presentation, audio, video, etc.
...The place where data is held when it is not needed for processing
Boot Process
The sequence of events that occur between the time you turn your computer on and when it becomes ready for use
All of the physical devices that collectively constitute the item we think of as a desktop or a laptop computer
a collection of computer programs that tell the computer how to perform a particular task
Operating System
...The master controller on a computer; it manages the computers memory, processing, software and hardware
...A software designed to help the user perform specific tasks
Peripheral Devices
...Any hardware device connected to the computer that expands the computer's input, output, and storage capabilities
graphical user interface
Modern operating systems use a
__________ technology assumes that hardware components can be connected or activated at any time while the operating system is running.
Mobile App
A simple application that can be downloaded from the Internet cheaply or even free; designed for mobile devices
An image (graphic) that represents an executable file
A dropdown list or table that contains exacutable options
What you see on the screen is what you get on the printout