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End User Support Midterm II

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Disk Management
Dynamic volume and basic disk partitions can be shrunk using the __________ snap-in.
The System applet
__________ is a utility that shows basic information about your computer and provides links that allow you to configure system properties.
__________ technology assumes that hardware components can be connected or activated at any time while the operating system is running.
Data Sources applet (ODBC)
__________ is used to configure data sources for applications that require access to a database.
Domain network
The __________ location type is used when the computer is connected in an untrusted public location such as an airport.
Color depth
__________ indicates how many bits of information are used to store color information about each pixel in the display.
A(n) __________ is part of the motherboard in your computer and is used to store encryption keys and certificates.
The __________ in Windows 7 allows you to connect two separate networks, with Windows 7 acting as a bridge between them.
0 != 0
Trusted Platform Module
__________ adds the ability to securely encrypt the hard drive's contents at a hardware level.
A(n) __________ encryption algorithm is one-way encryption, which means that it encrypts data, but the data cannot be decrypted.
IP addresses are __________-bit addresses.
Advance sharing
__________ simplifies folder and file sharing by controlling both NTFS permissions and share permissions at the same time.
0 != 1
When you are using ImageX to deploy images with operating systems and applications, you must boot using __________ and connect to the distribution share holding the image file.
The __________ check box indicates that a file has changed since the last backup.
A __________ profile is a profile that cannot be modified.
Network Access Point - is where different networks interconnect, such as your home network onto the Internet.
Secure logon
__________ ensures that a second user can log on to a locked computer without logging off the first user and losing their work.
Applications can track what network services are available using the __________ service as a central reference.
Windows Defender
__________ protects your computer by controlling communication between your computer and the network.
Aero Glass
The use of 3D effects, animation, and new transparent visual features, called __________, enhances the visually appealing look for Windows 7 and Windows applications.
An account has more privileges than a standard account and is used by those responsible for maintaining and securing the system.
Group Policy
The local security policy is part of a larger Windows management system called __________, which can be implemented on a local computer, but is typically part of a domain-based network.
A __________ dynamic volume can only be created with three or more dynamic disks.
Windows Driver Foundation (WDF)
The __________ is a free tool provided by Microsoft to help IT administrators discover which of their existing applications are compatible with Windows 7.
Windows Firewall
__________ is a central location for viewing network status and detailed network information.
Large icon
By default, Control Panel uses the __________ view, which offers an intuitive way for less experienced computer users to find the Control Panel applet necessary to perform a specific task.
The __________ moves desktop settings and applications from one computer to another.
distribution set
A(n) __________ is the subset of files in a distribution share that are required for a particular answer file.
Most Windows 7 installations are __________ installations.
Windows PE
__________ is a command-line tool for managing WIM images.
Phishing filter
prevents unauthorized Web sites from stealing log-on credentials and other personal information
Password policy
controls password characteristics for local user accounts.
Any kind of harmful computer program, including viruses, Trojan Horses, browser hijackers, key loggers, Denial-of Service attacks and worms.
analyzing the financial condition of an organization and determining whether financial statements and reports produced by the financial MIS are accurate
BitLocker Drive Encryption
encrypts the entire volume of a partition and protects the system partition
Network Access Protection (NAP)
prevents unhealthy computers from accessing the network
Path rule condition
identifies software by file location
User Account Control (UAC)
prompts administrative user if an administrative action is initiated by a program
Work network
The __________ location type is used in corporate environments when your computer is part of a domain network.
Newer Windows applications use an application __________ to describe the structure of an application.
__________ CPUs have extra hardware built in to allow more than one thread to be processed at the same time on a single CPU.
A single __________ in Windows represents a collection of data, files, and instructions with a specific purpose while it is running.
composed of clients and services, protocols, and network drivers
Windows Presentation Foundation
__________ allows for applications to keep track of a user's security credentials (user ID and password) for one or more security systems.
Windows SideList
__________ is a method for displaying small applications called gadgets at the side of the screen.
Personal User Password
A __________ simplifies the configuration of peer-to-peer networks by removing the need to synchronize users and passwords on each computer.
Public keys
__________ are required for individuals to log on to Windows 7 and use resources on the computer.
On dynamic disks, the blocks of space are called __________ instead of partitions.
Foreign Disk
The Disk Management console will report the status of the disk as a(n) __________ when it recognizes that the disk does not belong to that computer.
local share
A(n) __________ installation requires computers to be booted into Windows PE from removable storage and then run the Windows 7 installation from a distribution share.
basic storage
A striped volume is a __________ solution.
Disk quotas are set using the __________ console.
Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS)
The __________ interface supports communication between clients or services and protocols, including TCP/IP.
A computer that contains files and other resources that can be accessed by "clients" computers linked to it via a network
Using the __________ policy, you can configure an account to be temporarily disabled after a number of incorrect log-on attempts.
__________ is an updated version of TCP/IPv4 with a larger address space and additional features.
Unknown Disk
You must right-click the disk in the graphical portion of Disk Management and select __________ from the pop-up menu to initiate the import process.
Winsock Kernel (WSK)
The __________ interface supports communication between applications and the TCP/IP protocol.
Software restriction policies
__________ is(are) used to define which programs are allowed or disallowed in the system.
Link-Layer Topology Discovery Responder
The __________ protocol is responsible for responding to discovery requests from other computers.
Configuration sets
__________ are software packages containing drivers, service packs, or security updates that are applied to an image during the offlineServicing configuration pass of the installation.
Graphical Logic Unit (GLU)
Graphics cards with a dedicated __________ allow Windows 7 to assign drawing operations directly to it, freeing the processor for other operations.
distribution share
The __________ installation method is the least suitable method for a large volume of computers.