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Windows Communication Foundation
The __________ (formerly code-named "Avalon") unifies the look and feel of the operating system for developers.
__________ was introduced with Windows 95 OSR2 to support hard disks that were becoming much larger than 2 GB in size.
Windows 7 includes a combination of the S3 and S4 states called __________.
__________ systems have more than one physical CPU.
__________ switches are connected directly to the devices on a network.
The __________ protocol is responsible for discovering network devices on the network, such as computers and routers.
Anyone who communicates with a computer or utilizes the information it generates.
Transport Device Interface (TDI)
The __________ interface supports communication between protocols and network drivers.
Dynamic disk technology supports __________ types of volumes, some of which can use multiple disks and provide fault tolerance.
If there are multiple primary partitions on a single basic disk, the MBR standard allows for only one primary partition on that drive to be marked as active and capable of starting an operating sys…
Event Viewer
__________ lets you create system maintenance tasks that are performed on a regular schedule or when system events occur.
Upgrade installation
also referred to as an in-place migration
Application Compatibility Toolkit
helps organizations quickly identify which applications are compatible with Windows 7
User State Migration Tool
__________ is a graphical utility suitable for migrating user settings and files from one computer at a time.
Boot loader
the first component loaded from the hard drive during the boot process and is responsible for starting the operating system
sysprep utility
used to manage Windows 7 installations that are imaged
windows automated installation kit (WAIK)
a collection of utilities and documentation for automating the deployment of Windows 7
windows system image manager
a graphical tool for configuring unattended installs creating distribution shares.
Answer file
an XML file used to perform automated installations
Virtualization software
uses the main operating system as a host to run as many guest operating systems as you need
__________ is used to perform offline servicing of WIM images.
Dynamic volume and basic disk partitions can be deleted using the __________ command-line utility.
Until a new disk is initialized, its status is reported as __________ and the disk cannot be used to store data.
The Internet
cloud represent in a network diagram
An __________ installation requires you to manually start and perform the installation.
track table
Each primary partition that is formatted with a file system can be represented in the operating system by a specific folder path called a __________.
The __________ applet in Control Panel is a simplified interface for user management.
software client to support IPv4 to IPv6 translation
a high-speed Internet connection over telephone lines
rules for communicating across the network
If Windows 7 is configured to use dynamic IP configuration and is unable to contact a DHCP server, the default action is to use a(n) __________ address.
process that allows multiple computers to share a single IP address
Clients and Services
the applications that use the network to communicate
standard protocol used on corporate networks and the Internet
control the movement of packets through the networks
In a corporate environment the most common use for Sysprep is preparing workstations to capture an image. This process is known as __________.
A software component that has __________ mode access has total access to all of the computer's data and its hardware.
Network location awareness
__________ allows you to configure the security settings for each location type differently.
Color depth
__________ indicates how many bits of information are used to store color information about each pixel in the display.
settings that are preset by the software and that remain in effect until the user changes them.
Windows CardSpace
a part of the .NET Framework 3.5 model that protects a user's digital identities
Windows Driver Foundation
standard method used to define how device driver software operates
__________ technology assumes that hardware components can be connected or activated at any time while the operating system is running.
Graphics card driver
software that lets the operating system use the graphics card hardware
the time window a thread is allowed to run
TPM architecture
defines options for adding firmware and hardware to computers to detect low-level tampering before the operating system starts
Windows Workflow Foundation
allows developers to build applications that follow a logical sequence of events
a mini-application that will provide information, perform a useful task, or link to enhanced Web services such as RSS
Event Log Readers
Members of the __________ group are able to monitor performance counters and access performance logs on the computer.
Action Center
__________ is a place where you can review and resolve system messages.
The Start menu
__________ is an advanced window management feature intended to help organize Individual windows on the screen.
partition table
Most of the partition attributes are stored in a data table that is part of the MBR or GPT specification. This table is commonly called the __________.
Really Simple Syndication (RSS)
The __________ (formerly code-named "Indigo") enables applications to send messages to each other.
drive letter
Each primary partition that is formatted with a file system can be represented in the operating system by a __________.
Fast use switching
__________ protects your computer from viruses and spyware that may attempt to steal your password.
The __________ configuration pass is applied during the user out-of-box experience (OOBE).
Disk quotas
__________ are used by applications and users as a quick reference to locate files.
Each time a user logs on locally, the __________ database is used to verify logon credentials.
Windows PE
__________ is a command-line tool for managing WIM images.
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File systems group sectors into units of storage called a __________.
If a transaction fails, it requires data to be left at a state before the failed transaction began.
Network Access Point - is where different networks interconnect, such as your home network onto the Internet.
The __________ account is the most powerful local user account possible.
Cryptographic Operators
Members of the __________ group can back up and restore all files and folders on the computer.
Windows Firewall
__________ is a central location for viewing network status and detailed network information.
Welcome Center
__________ is a service in Windows 7 that automatically downloads and installs service packs and security updates.
The __________ file system uses a 32-bit numbering system to increase the number of data blocks that can be managed and organized as part of a single partition.