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Internet & Web Development

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speed of data link
dial up is a slow Internet connection, broadband is a fast connection
dial-up link
older slower Internet connection using a phone and a modem
broadband link
more modern high speed connection, needed for video, music downloads, always on
telephone line connection
can give dialup or broadband link
cable connection
cable gives fast broadband connections
satellite connection
satellite can cover world-wide connections without wires
set up cost Internet
one-off costs when getting ready for the Internet
Internet hardware setup cost
cost for computer, modem, phone line etc
software setup cost
cost for e-mail or browser (usually free)
installation setup cost
a business may pay an engineer to connect up computer, phone line, install software
training setup cost
pay for a course to help new people get skills for using Internet
running cost Internet
costs you have to keep on paying for using the Internet like ISP monthly fee
ISP subscription running cost
Internet Service Provider like BT is paid for access every month
call charge running cost
dialup has a cost for every connection
maintenance running cost
company contract to keep everything working, fix errors
helpline running cost
pay a fee to get advice any time you have a problem with the Internet
update hardware/ software
pay for latest computers and new software versions to stay up to date, maybe every year
communications software: browser
application software lets you access and display webpages
communications software: e-mail
application software lets you send messages over the Internet
user ID security
each user has a personal ID code for going on-line
password security
each user has a secret password, confidential for going on-line
filtering security
bad websites can be blocked for children or to stop viruses
secure e-commerce site
shopping websites use secret codes to send private data like credit card details
software development analysis
software development step 1, web developers study the PURPOSE of the new website
software development design
software development step 2, web developers PLAN OUT the look of pages, what words and images are on them and how they will link together
software development implementation
software development step3, web developers make the web pages, add text and graphics, add in hyperlinks
software development testing
software development step 4, web developers CHECK the text and graphics show properly and hyperlinks jump to correct new pages
software development documentation
software development step 5, web developers write instructions on HOW TO USE the website
software development evaluation
software development step 6, web developers decide on the QUALITY of the website and how well the finished website finally does what they started out to do. Might think about how it could be better next time.
web authoring
web sites are made by web developers who follow the six software development stages: analysis, design, implementation, test, document, evaluate