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Software Engineering: Ethics & Process Models

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You should normally respect the confidentiality of your employers or clients irrespective of whether or not a formal confidentiality agreement has been signed
you should not misrepresent your level of competence. You should no knowingly accept work that is outside your competence.
intellectual property rights
what are the legal rights to which creators of original creative works are entitled
Computer misuse
You should not use your technical skill to misuse other peoples computers.
Waterfall Model
An SDLC approach that assumes the various phases of a project can be completed sequentially - one phase leads (falls) into the next phase.
Incremental Model
This approach interleaves the activities of specification, development, and validation. The system is developed as a series of versions or increments, with each version adding functionality to the previous version.
Reuse-oriented software engineering
This approach is based on the existence of a significant number of reusable components. The system development process focuses on integrating these components into a system rather than developing them from scratch.
incremental development activities
Processes based on formal transformations are generally only used in the development of safety-critical or security-critical systems.