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Information & Data Management

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A collection of data organized in a manner that allows access, retrieval, and use of that data.
Data Integrity
Correctness and accuracy of data during transactions.
Characteristic of valuable Information
Accurate, Verifiable, Timely, Organized, Accessible, Useful, Cost-effective
Alphabetic/Numeric Check
ensures that users enter only alphabetic data or numeric data into a field.
Range Check
Dertermines whether a number is within a specified range
Consistency Check
test the data in two or more associated fields to ensure that the relationship is logical and their data is in the correct format
Completeness Check
verifies that a required field contains data
Check Digit
is a number or character that is appended to or inserted in a primary key value. This use for credit card, bank account
A window on the screen that provides areas for entering or modifying data in a database.
a method of viewing, changing, combining, or analyzing data.
allows users to design a report on the screen, retrieve data into the report design, and then display or print the report
Table - Row - Column
File - Record - Field
Copying files to a seperate secondary storage as a precaution in case the main device is lost, damaged or fails.
Data Warehouse
A large data base with historical copies of data from each organisation's operational data base. They are typically static and read only - a snapshot of a database at one point in time.
Database Management System (DBMS)
a software program that lets you create databases and then manipulate data in them
Data Types - Numeric
Positive or negative numbers, with or without decimal points
Data Types - Text
Letter, numeric characters, or special characters
Data Types - AutoNumber
Unique number automatically assigned by the DBMS to each added record, which *provides a value that identifies the record* (such as StudentID)
Lengthy text entries
Data Types - Memo (Long Text)
Data Types - Currency
Dollar and cent amounts or numbers containing decimal values
Data Types - Object
Photo, video, audio or a document created in other program or apps, such as word, spreadsheet
Data Redundancy
Duplicating data in the manner that wastes resources.