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Software Engineering: Requirements

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__________ include identifying what is to be produced, how frequently and how fast it is to be produced.
why are requirements important?
communicating with customers and co-workers
1st step of requirements gathering
Factors Reported for Failure
13.1% Incomplete Requirements
functional requirements
Specific features and functions that a proposed IT system must have.
A requirements DEFINITION
is stated from the
A requirements SPECIFICATION
is stated from the viewpoint of somebody INSIDE the system:
external viewpoint
stated from the viewpoint of
internal viewpoint
stated from the viewpoint of
non-functional requirements
Conditions that a proposed IT system must meet, such as working on certain hardware or giving results within a certain time.
fit criteria
Exactly how good does the system need to be?
How well your program operates without stopping due to design faults
A measure of how well an organisation uses resources to achieve objectives
__________ ensures that information is correct and that no unauthorized person or malicious software has altered that data.
How well the system can be used by a well intended user. If a user intendeds to use the system well, how likely is it that that will succeed?
An evaluation criterion that determines how easy it is to maintain a program
How well you can be sure that the system is correct
How well you can use the system in different ways without modifying code at all.
An evaluation criterion that assesses if the software can be used on a computer other than the one on which it was designed
whether you can take the code of the system in use it in a new system
How well this system talks to other systems
Good requirements are ...
Correct: They have to say the right things.