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What is cloning
Duplicating the electronic serial number (ESM) of one phone and using it in a second phone — the clone. This allows the perpetrator to have calls and other transactions billed to the original phone.
What is phishing
Using a fraudulent communication, such as an e- mail, to trick the receiver into divulging critical information such as account numbers, passwords, or other identifying information.
What is smishing
Similar to phishing, but the fraudulent communication comes in the form of an SMS message.
What is vishing
Again, similar to phishing, but the fraudulent communication comes in the form of a voice or voice- mail message encouraging the victim to divulge secure information.
What is a mobile portal
a customer channel, optimized for mobility, that aggregates and provides content and services for mobile users.
what is a voice portal
a Web site that can be accessed by voice
what is location based commerce (l-commerce)
The delivery of advertisements, products, or services to customers whose locations are known at a given time also known as location based services (LBS).