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Wireless Networking Standards

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802.11n Frequency?
5 GHZ or 2.4 GHZ
54 Mbits/s
802.11a Maximum Throughput?
11 Mbits/s
802.11b Maximum Throughput?
150 Mbits/s
802.11n Maximum Throughput?
802.11a Range?
120 meters
802.11b Range?
140 meters
802.11g Range?
140 meters
802.11n Range?
250 meters
54 Mbps
802.11a maximum throughput
11 Mbps
802.11b maximum throughput
802.11n maximum throughput
Up to 600 Mbps
150 feet
802.11a maximum range
300 feet
802.11b maximum range
802.11a frequency
5 GHz
802.11b frequency
2.4 GHz
802.11g frequency
2.4 GHz
802.11n frequency
2.4/5 GHz
802.11a compatibility
802.11b compatibility