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Networks & the Internet

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a cluster of computers. In a network, the server computer provides network services to the client computers on that network.
Local Area Network (LAN)
a network that connects computers and devices in a limited geographical area such as home, school computer laboratory, office building, or closely positioned group of buildings.
Wireless LAN
a LAN that uses no physical wires.
A global network connecting millions of computers, making it possible to exchange information.
(Internet Service Provider) A company that provides access to the Internet.
World Wide Web
a collection of electronic files linked together
Web page
can contain text,graphics,animation,audio,video, and has built-in connections, or links, to other documents, graphics, or other Web pages.
Web site
A collection of related web pages.
Web Browser
A software program used to display web pages
A location or address identifying where documents can be found on the Internet; a Web address
buying and selling goods and services through the Internet
search engine
a computer program on the internet that searches for information
A computer __________ is malicious computer code that reproduces itself on the same computer.
a program that copies itself repeatedly, for example in memory or on a network, using up resources and possibly shutting down the computer or network.
Trojan horse
a program that hides within or looks like a legitimate program.
A __________ is a set of software tools used by an attacker to hide the actions or presence of other types of malicious software, such as Trojans, viruses, or worms.
Any kind of harmful computer program, including viruses, Trojan Horses, browser hijackers, key loggers, Denial-of Service attacks and worms.
Antivirus program
protects a computer against viruses by identifying and removing any computer viruses found in memory, on storage media, or on incoming files.